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McMillan Elite Travel is a Luxury Travel Agency specializing in Group Travel, Romance Travel and Cruises.  We work with you to discover your interests, then we work with you to design your unique itinerary!  Travel Agents take care of every aspect of your trip, from your flights and hotel to ground transportation and excursions. We do the research for you and find the travel options that best meet your needs.   

 McMillan Elite Travel’s services are pro bono! Yes, we do not charge service fees to our clients! 

We live on a beautiful planet

 We live on a beautiful planet, and it’s important to get out and see the world.

Travel makes you a well-rounded person and gives you stories tell. You may even make new friends around the world!

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Personalized Service

Using a Travel Agent opens up a world of possibilities you would have never realized on your own.

Travel Agents also know what you can expect ahead of time and can make special requests on your behalf.  If you want VIP treatment on your next trip, talk to a Travel Agent.


McMillan Elite Travel is passionate about travel, and we want to inspire you to visit destinations you’ve never heard of or simply get you more excited about your next trip!

Peace of Mind

Using a Travel Agent provides you with a worry-free peace of mind! Travel Agents are available to assist clients before, during and after their trip.  If a flight gets canceled or a train is delayed, your Travel Agent will re-book you and any subsequent parts of the itinerary that are affected.

With a Travel Agent, you’ve got support on your side. Travel Agents are real people who are accessible.  You can travel confidently knowing you won’t be relying on a hard-to-reach customer service center or an automated sequence in the event that you have questions or need assistance.

Stop dreaming.  Start traveling.

Step 1

Choose your type of destination.

Your dream travel starts with identifying a few places you’ve always wanted to see on our beautiful planet!

Step 2

Choose your travel dates.

Our planet has different experiences for you depending on the location and time of year that you visit.


Step 3

Get in touch with one of our agents.

Our agents love travel as much as you do, and we can’t wait to help you plan your next Elite Experience!

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