Destination weddings can be a wonderful option for couples, because they allow couples and their guests to experience a different part of the world for a special occasion.  While everyone is required to travel for a destination wedding, this travel is often welcomed and needed by many people.  Once you add in all the amazing things that normally occur during a destination wedding, it is easy for couples to see why this type of ceremony is a better option than simply celebrating back home.

10 Reasons Destination Weddings are the Perfect Option

1. Guest Lists are Often Smaller

One of the best things about destination weddings is the guest lists are often smaller than traditional weddings back home.  These weddings allow couples to truly consider who they want at their wedding and enjoy a few days with them before and after the ceremony.

2. No Stress

Most couples will agree that wedding planning ranks up there with root canals and other major events in life.  However, a destination wedding comes with very little stress since couples are working with professional wedding planners.  These planners take care of all the little details, allowing couples to relax and focus on themselves and their guests.

3. Quality Time with Guests

As mentioned above, couples have the option to spend lots of quality time with their guests when they have a destination wedding.  Depending on where the wedding is, couples and their guests can take guided tours, go sailing, do a little hiking, visit a few wineries, and even go bungee jumping.  The best part is the wedding planners can help with all the little details when it comes to planning each activity.

4. Ability to Save Some Money

Surprisingly enough, couples can easily save some money when they choose a destination wedding.  There are many resorts that have affordable wedding rates and they almost always have special packages that include rooms and much more in the price.  Couples can even honeymoon in the same location as their wedding, saving them even more money since they won’t need to spend extra money for flights, accommodations, and other things somewhere else.

5. Plethora of Options for Photos

Photos are oftentimes the best part of a wedding day, because couples can look back at the pictures for years in the future.  While couples may only have one or two options when it comes to photo locations back home, destination weddings always offer so many more.  Couples can choose their favorite, or they can choose to go from one to the next, making every photograph more magical than the one before.

6. Unique Ceremonies

Regular wedding ceremonies can all feel the same, but a destination wedding allows couples to choose the ceremony that is best for them.  Couples can choose short and sweet, long, or a completely unique ceremony that they created for their big day.

7. Couples Choose the Attire

When it comes to destination weddings, many couples will choose to do something a little different and change the dress attire.  Some brides can be seen wearing sundresses, while grooms are in nice shorts and shirt at beach ceremonies.  In other destination weddings, there may be a theme that has every guest dressed up to match the couple for both the ceremony and reception.  The options are endless for couples with destination weddings!

8. Ability to Choose the Perfect Location

There are many times when couples simply settle for a location near where they live for their ceremony and reception, because that is all that is available for the day they have chosen.  However, couples that choose destination weddings have the capability of choosing from thousands of different locations around the world.  No couple will ever need to settle for second best when they decide on a destination wedding for their big day!

9. Enjoy the Day

It is so much easier to enjoy a destination wedding than a regular wedding, because couples have so much more time.  Plus, since couples will not need to deal with any of the details for a destination wedding, they can focus on themselves and their guests instead of everything else.

10. Memories to Last a Lifetime

The memories that are made during a destination wedding can last a lifetime!  Couples can also choose to return to that same location in the future, whether to renew their vows, rekindle their romance, or simply re-experience the same magical moments that they had during their wedding.

Destination weddings can be incredible, which is why more and more couples are choosing them for their special day.  Any couple that has been wondering whether a destination wedding is best for them should carefully weigh all the pros and cons.  Afterwards, couples can finally take the plunge and decide that a destination wedding is everything that they want and need for starting their new life together.


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