travel checklist

  1. Passport (if needed) – Confirm that it is still valid 6 months after travel. Be sure to also take a picture of your passport, just in case it gets lost or stolen.
  2. Visa – Check to see if Visa is required.
  3. Check Vaccination requirements.
  4. Plan for someone to take care of Pets and Plants.
  5. Inform Bank with travel details (dates & location).
  6. Save Bank emergency numbers, just in case of Credit Card issues.
  7. Depending on length of vacation, you may want to stop mail and newspaper.
  8. Learn driving rules, if traveling Internationally.
  9. Learn some basic words of the language (hello, thank you, please, yes, no, directions).
  10. Educate yourself on the customs and hand gestures, especially those deemed impolite.
  11. Tag your luggage. It’s also a good ideal to leave a tag, in your luggage, just in case the luggage tag is lost.
  12. Contact your cell phone provider for coverage information. If traveling Internationally, please also confirm rate information, because their may be additional charges incurred.



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